Values and Impact 

What HOME means to us


We believe that a happy person is a more productive and creative person. Happiness is a sum of several things: a combination of presence and support of a genuine community as well as a balanced lifestyle.

From an entrepreneur’s perspective, we make being happy easier by offering a 360° service package, opportunities for exercise and healthy, nutritious food. Your workday is supported by great customer service and cosy, flexible and neat workspaces. The cornerstone of our services is trustworthiness - you can leave it to us and rest assured things will be taken care of.



We believe that coincidence plays a role in business and it is up to us to recognise these opportunities and seize them. At Innovation Home, we want to create these opportunities and look for members who are willing to do the same for others in our community.

We are proud to introduce our clients’ products and services to our visitors and make introductions to people in our network. We have been happy to notice that our members do the same and become ambassadors of other members in their own networks.

The bottom line: say hey to everyone at the coffee machine and be curious. We are here to encourage and support all of you.



From our point of view good matchmaking is essential for growing sales – both ours and our members. Part of it is openness: trust and willingness to open one’s networks and see others reciprocate. We have been delighted to see how this culture of openness is conveyed from one member to another, from the entrepreneur to the customer and from the team member to next.

We love matchmaking and are willing to help you find the right stakeholders and share useful information.



Our members, together with our team, make a tight community where help is always available. At Innovation Home we value good team spirit and consider everyone equal. Everybody gets to be who they are, as well as boldly try out new things. We celebrate each other’s success and are there to offer support and advice when things do not go according to plan.

Petra Erätuli- Kola

CEO, Founder

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